Giotto’s Followers in Valdelsa

Giotto's Followers in Valdelsaincluded in the TERRE DEGLI UFFIZI project conceived and created by the Uffizi Galleries and the CR Firenze Foundation within the respective Uffizi Diffusi and Piccoli Grandi … Continued

Church of San Bartolomeo in Tresanti

At the center of the delightful village of Tresanti stands the church of San Bartolomeo, a simple and austere 17th century construction in the place where a previous building of worship was located

Parish church of San Piero in Mercato

The parish church, consecrated in 1057 and probably built before the year 1000, is one of the oldest in the whole Valdelsa and, together with the nearby village of Lucardo, constitutes the original nucleus of the city of Montespertoli.

Parish church of Santa Maria a Coeli Aula

Located on the crest of the hills that separate the Virginio and Orme valleys, the Parish of Coeli Aula has very ancient origins since it is already mentioned in documents of the 9th and 10th century dealing with the alienation of farms located in its territory.

Art experiences

Art experiencesA territory where many artists live and work In this section, which we hope to increase, the artists of Montespertoli are listed who are able to welcome the visitor … Continued

Oratory of Santa Lucia

A walk of extreme interest is that up to the Tenuta Corfecciano-Urbana, which, in addition to including a visit to the cellars, is of particular interest for the beautiful Oratory that surmounts a dense hill of cypresses and flanks the villa.

Amedeo Bassi Museum

The museum dedicated to Amedeo Bassi (Montespertoli, 1872-1949) and set up in the heart of the historic center of Montespertoli, collects the tenor’s memorabilia that in recent decades have been donated to the Municipality by the heirs and the many enthusiasts.

Sacred Art Museum

Located just outside the old town of Montespertoli and housed in the rectory of the historic Pieve di San Piero in Mercato, the museum exhibits works of art, sculptures, furnishings and jewellery of various ages, coming from the local churches.