Extra virgin olive oil

The oil in Montespertoli

A product of our land that excels on our tables

The “green gold”, as it is often called, is the extra virgin olive oil (EVO) produced following a particular care that starts from the olive grove and expresses its maximum during the olive harvest and their pressing, rising in the bottle on our tables, when the right combination with food is made.

Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantonio. In addition to the classic Tuscan blend of extraordinary monovarietals

If in Montespertoli the economy mainly revolves around the production of wine, the olive sector is also important and growing. Parallel to the production of wine, in the municipal area there is an important production of EVO oil and Tuscan IGP EVO oil. The cultivated olive varieties are the classic ones found in the Tuscan territory (Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio). Recently some companies are introducing others, also starting to produce single variety oils, with very careful pressing and respectful of the quality of the olives and the right moment of harvest.

An olive growing on a national level and the new OleaProject project

Recently EVO oils from Montespertoli companies have begun to win prestigious prizes also at a national level, demonstrating that careful work in the olive grove and in the oil mill can best express a territory highly devoted to olive growing.

From 2019 it was born OleaProject , a forum dedicated to the olive sector that aims to support local production, with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of the product and making it competitive on a national level. Since 2019, in November, the OLEA review has been held that showcases the products and producers of the territory, taking care of training opportunities and discussions with producers in an attempt to create synergies and virtuous relationships to strengthen the “Montespertoli system” under every point of view (from the quality of the product to its promotion)

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Tuscan IGP oil


Events related to oil

Olea Project

Olea Project was born as the main event in which to pay homage to this excellent product of man and the earth. Everything revolves around Montespertoli extra virgin olive oil. From tastings to small courses to learn how to taste it, from small conferences to the possibility of meeting producers directly and talking to them, Olea Project brings the quality of Montespertoli oil to the streets and offers producers opportunities for growth.

Watching over the Aie di Montespertoli

“A vigil on the farmyards” represents the attempt to bring residents and visitors where agriculture is done, enjoying the products of farms directly in their farmyards. Every week, therefore, throughout the summer season, the farms open their farmyards to visitors, allowing them to taste wines, taste the products and enjoy starry nights in company in the wonderful places that dot our countryside.