MOMU - Montespertoli Music

MoMu is a traveling cultural festival - Edition 2021 / Life stories
July 8 – September 9
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Shows, entertainment
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Good music, art, literature, theater and special projects: each event is a fascinating journey to discover squares, villages, parish churches, castles and ancient farms in the municipality of Montespertoli.

The 2021 edition aims to integrate all the experiences, ideas, stories, sensations and proposals gathered from the participants in the previous editions.
The theme “Life Stories” takes its cue from the technique of collecting autobiographical and biographical data used in anthropological disciplines to reconstruct individual stories that lead to a more general understanding of culture.
Montespertoli Musica from a small niche event, in recent years has become an actual receptacle for many initiatives that unfold throughout the year and through the seasons.

The festival will take place in numerous hamlets of Montespertoli and through musical concerts, cultural meetings and food and wine tastings the audience will be able to get to know its history and to get in touch even with the smallest local entities. Local clubs, cultural associations and farms present in the locations where the events take place are involved in its creation so as to realise an ideal path connecting experiences, places and traditions.

All the proposals are united by the strength of the story. Each concert is a story characterized by the beauty of the melodies, the freshness of the rhythms, the intensity of the words. Fascinating, comic and poetic music and lyrics for everyone. As usual the events are located in some of the most evocative and well-known places in the territory of Montespertoli or in places yet to be discovered, perhaps set in less popular but very beautiful hamlets. The concerts will be preceded by cultural meetings and wine/food tastings. Then the story becomes experience and the experience becomes a story through taste, words and music to enjoy cool summer evenings outdoors.


8 JULY at 9.30pm

MONTESPERTOLI – Piazza del Popolo

Elli de Mon – Countin’ the blues – fearless women

Elli de Mon plays guitars, bass drum, snare drum, rattles, overflowing sounds and Indian psychedelia. Drawing fully from the shamanic tradition of long gone enchanters such as Bessie Smith, Fred McDowell and Son House, Elli fights her demons with the instrument most congenial to her: music. A new blues, made of wild slides and contaminated by punk influences (Elli also played in Almandino Quite Deluxe), and by Indian music, Elli’s great love.
In February 2020, her first book for Arcana Edizioni, Countin’ the blues – fearless women, dedicated to the African American artists of the 20s of the last century, was also released, followed by the album of the same name in June 2021 for Area Pirata Records. Countin’ the blues – Queens of the 20’s, which contains the songs mentioned in the book and covered according to her style.

From 8 pm street food with I ‘Fagotto Di’ Chianti

15 JULY at 9.30pm

POPPIANO – The Sideboard of Flavors – Guicciardini Castle

As Madalenas – Menina do sol –

Cristina Renzetti voice, guitar, percussion

Tati Valle vocals, guitar, percussion

Among the most active Brazilian music performers in Italy, Cristina Renzetti and Tati Valle met in 2014 to combine their voices, guitars, percussion and create a unique project, full of freshness and intensity.

Their first album “Madeleine” reaped considerable public and critic success, placing itself as album of the week on Fahreneit Radio Rai 3 and then being presented in important national clubs and festivals including Crossroads Festival, Ravenna Jazz, Casa del jazz of Rome, Bravo Caffè, Torrione Jazz Club, Ecstatic, Municipal Theater of Bologna, Piazza Verdi Live (Radio Rai3), Brasil (Radio Rai1).
In 2018 the second album “Vai, menina” was released with the participation of many guests including the great composer Guinga, Gabriele Mirabassi, Valentino Corvino and Vince Abbracciante, where the two musicians continue in their search for an energetic and at the same time dreamy sound. . Sweet and enthralling, As Madalenas exchange instruments and intentions, Italian and Portuguese languages, expressing the strength and delicacy of the female world and the different nuances of Brazilian folklore, samba and songwriting.

Limited seats

From 8 pm La Madia dei Sapori dinner in the courtyard of the Guicciardini Castle by Arciconfraternita Misericordia di Montespertoli reservations required at 0571 600255

22 JULY at 9.30pm

LUCARDO – Church of Saints Martino and Giusto –

Le Figliole & Grand Kabaret Toscano

Pamela Cerchi voice, violin, charango, percussion, marranzano
Rachele Giannini voice, guitar, beating guitar
Satì Tiles voice, ukulele, percussion
leads Roberto Caccavo

Guests of the Gran Kabaret of the Popular Art Theater Company will be “Le Figliole” a project born between friends who share a passion for popular music during the last notes of a Cantarmaggio. The curiosity to discover, learn about new traditions and the desire to sing and tell stories pushed them to start this journey that holds music from all over the world as the protagonist. Unusual lyricss, sounds and rhythms that speak the common language of everyday emotions and experiences. Songs that tell the journey of our history and in which we can all recognize ourselves.

For Storie di Vita the book “Gente di Lucardo” by Paolo Gennai will be presented

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by the Parish of Lucardo

29 JULY at 9.30pm

SAN PANCRAZIO – Antica Pieve –

Le Signorine – A coffee with the songwriters

Claudia Cecchini, Lucia Agostino, Benedetta Nistri voices
Pietro Guarracino guitar
Tommaso Faglia double bass
Duccio Bonciani drums

Dedicated to the music of some of the most important Italian songwriters, Un Caffè con i Cantautori is a concert / show sung and played live, in the full style of the vocal trio Le Signorine. The leitmotif is the elegance and poetry that characterize all the pieces chosen, carefully rearranged for the vocal trio. In this concert the ladies choose an enchanted, almost dreamlike atmosphere, transporting the audience into the magic that only the music of Italian songwriters can transmit. The accessories, hairstyles and costumes of the show are elegantly vintage and cared for down to the smallest detail.

For Storie di Vita we will meet the great actress Maria Cassi

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by Bottega Pane e Vino

12 AUGUST AT 9.30pm

SAN QUIRICO – V. Formentano Garden –

Lisa Manara – The shout of Africanity

Lisa Manara voice
Federico Squassabia keyboard / synth bass
Aldo Betto guitar
Youssef Ait Bouazza drums

The project was born from the common passion for South African jazz music and in particular for Miriam Makeba, the timeless Mama Africa. Lisa Manara, powerful and biting voice approaches music at the age of 4 experimenting with the piano keyboard. Her passion for black music led her to win the Bertinoro “Donne Jazz & Blues” competition in 2011, which allowed her to participate in a workshop on voice at the Venice Voice Academy in Los Angeles. A rising singer in the Italian jazz scene, Alceste Ayroldi, journalist of the prestigious Musica Jazz magazine, says of her: “It is not easy to find a voice that combines grit, intonation and vigorous interpretation, especially if you are just over twenty years old. Lisa Manara makes it happen with disarming ease. She can perform all the soul-blues repertoire like few others. It scratches like a black panther and flutters in the high notes with a glissato that allows her to pass from the lowest to the highest octaves, without any backlash, while also maintaining a clear and refined pronunciation.”

Accompanied on the guitar by Aldo Betto, an eclectic and curious musician, who perfectly blends melody and rhythm in the voice of his instrument; keyboards played by Federico Squassabia who has developed a modern and completely personal sound that makes this music travel in an other temporal and spatial dimensions; at the drums there is Youssef Ait Bouazza, a musician of Berber ethnicity, he brings to the project the true essence of African music by integrating ancestral and hypnotic rhythms.

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by the “La Ripa Verde” Farm

19 AUGUST AT 9.30pm

MONTAGNANA – Circolo MCL – The Terrace –

Jazz Night with SeZam Trio ft. Will Brahm

Will Brahm guitar

Francesco Zampini guitar

Manrico Seghi hammond organ

Vladimiro Carboni battery

Manrico Seghi, veritable specialist of the hammond organ, Francesco Zampini, young guitarist who boasts collaborations with the most important international artists, accompanied by a “session man” like Vladimiro Carboni on drums, give life to SeZam, a project with the basis on a repertoire centered in the deep respect for the jazz tradition and an attraction for the new music horizons. The understanding between the members of the rhythm section strengthens and enriches the soloist’s compositions, providing great rhythmic and dynamic support which ultimately leads to a greater confidence even on a more mainstream repertoire.

Exceptional guest for the evening is the American musician Will Brahm guitarist of Arturo Sandoval and of Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band.
A true jazz night with a high amount of virtuosity.

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by Circolo MCL “La Terrazza”

26 AUGUST AT 9.30pm

TRECENTO – Cultural Space Association Laviatrecento

Renzo Luise & Swing Explosion

Renzo Luise guitar
Pasquale Rimolo accordion
Stefano Montagnani guitar
Francesco Giorgi violin
Dino Cerruti double bass

Renzo Luise Da Fano, born in 1975, has been cultivating the despotic goal of spreading Django Reinhardt’s music to the masses for more than three decades. His style is the result of wise, precocious and absolutely irregular studies. He feels the fascination of all the authentic “hot” music, rich in poetry, full of energy and virtuosity but at the same time free from that frenzy that distinguishes modern music, which he likes very much but wears him out extremely. Despite his well-known passion for “dolce far niente” (pleasant idleness) he has played in countless ensembles, from Duos to Big Bands, tireless in his resolve to bring some of Django’s music wherever he happens to go. Swing Explosion accompany him in this adventure.

For Storie di Vita we will meet the teacher and writer Franco Quercioli

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by Associazione La Viatrecento



Tesi-Geri – Above the roofs of Florence –

Riccardo Tesi accordion
Maurizio Geri voice and guitar

Riccardo Tesi and Maurizio Geri, creators of a formidable musical and human understanding, when performing as a duo they manage to make the flowers of modern popular music blossom starting from the seeds of tradition that they have collected with Caterina Bueno. Tesi with his melancholy and dreamy accordion, Geri with a lucid and multifaceted guitarism, but also with a vibrant and expressive voice, ranging from traditional music to instrumental compositions, passing through gypsy rhythms and songwriting, drawing on the most beautiful pearls of a vast repertoire that they have brought around the world in twenty-five years of artistic career, a music that looks ahead and that is conscious of how the past made it possible for it to exist: a music that is Contemporary Tradition.

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by Tenuta Moriano


TRESANTI – Church of San Bartolomeo –

DUORoboros – Contemporary Bach

Dagmar Bathmann cello

Omar Cecchi vibraphone

The only stable formation of this kind in Italy, the DUORoboros is a chamber formation composed by Dagmar Bathmann on cello and voice and Omar Cecchi on percussions. The duo was born in 2016 on the occasion of the collaboration of the two musicians with the Lombardi-Tiezzi Company at the Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato in Milan. In 2017 the duo obtained the artist residency dedicated to the contemporary repertoire “Camere Contemporanee” of the Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte of Montepulciano, working with Masters like Marco Angius, Roland Böer, Francesco Dillon, Jonathan Faralli, Luciano Garosi, Detlev Glanert, Pietro Rigacci. In this musical program we propose a path of listening and reflection on Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) to “reach, through him, the contemporary experience, our anguish and our sensitivity” (Kott).

For Storie di Vita meeting with the historian Giulio Cesare Bucci

limited places maximum 30 people

From 8 pm wine tastings and snacks by Azienda Agricola Ribaldaccio

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