Lucardo Castle

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Lucardo is probably the oldest settlement in the municipality of Montespertoli. Its name derives from locus arduus but according to other sources it is a derivation of the German Leocard or Liucard. Perhaps the name derives from the suffix “lucus” which indicated the religious rural settlements, the sacred woods. Lucardo already existed in the Lombard period when he administered a territory that extended not only to the Virginio and Agliena valleys but also to the Val di Pesa and Val di Greve. According to a document preserved in the Nonantola abbey, it appears that Lucardo belonged to that abbey.

The town of Lucardo is divided into two parts: the castle or Lucardo alto and the village or Lucardo basso. Lucardo still has the only access door to the village. It is a round arched door, above whose architrave the coat of arms of the Lucardesi family is walled. The walls are made up of the external façade of the houses of the village and near the access door, a sectional tower is visible.
The structure of the village consists of a square overlooked by all its houses, among which it is possible to identify a building that once served as a keep or keep.
Outside the walls, overlooking an unpaved square, is the church of Santi Martino e Giusto.

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