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Olea Project is the brainchild of the Municipal Administration, Agriculture and Tourism Departments of the Municipality of Montespertoli, as the first strand of a larger territorial marketing project to enhance the riches of the municipal area.

Olea Project is many things, it is a market exhibition, it is a conference, it is a meeting with producers, it is a “permanent schoolof training and it is an event for all those (experts and hobbyists) who have an interest in this product but, above all, it is a first answer to a simple question that this Administration has asked itself and the territory: do we believe that our products are our real wealth?

Olea pulls out all the stops as well as five: it is production, it is social, it is education, it is environment, and it is promotion of the territory and its products of excellence.

The event will include the tasting and sale of EVO oil from Montespertoli producers.

Included within the event is a solidarity project involving schools in the municipality called “Olio Nostro” in collaboration with the Coordination in Support of RASD.

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