Agricultural produce

Not just wine and oil

A significant variety of products of our land are farmed and processed.

The municipality of Montespertoli has a lot more to offer than just wine, oil, bread and truffle. There are many products that derive from agricultural and food processing activities. In recent years, the offer on our territory has begun to diversify and new farms have been set up that produce vegetables, fruit, honey, jams and preserves, and even lavender. There are also several food labs for the production of typical cured meats that only use meat coming from local farms or from neighboring municipalities.


Events about agricultural products

Awake in the farmyard

Many of the companies taking part in this local fair are farms. This event gives you the opportunity of doing some food tasting both from farm producers and from local food shops.

Mercagas - The farmers' market

Every Saturday some local farms await you in Piazza del Popolo in Montespertoli to taste their products.

Local producers