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Photographic material
The photos come from the CFFM (Circolo Fotografico Fermoimages Montespertoli).
In this regard, we list the CFFM photographers who contributed to this first delivery:
Alessandro Fontani, Alessandro Loriga, Antonietta Adamo, Daniela Ceccherini, Daniele Galloni, Dario Gozzini, Eva Franceschi, Francesco Santoni, Federico Marrangoni, Fernando Palmerini, Francesco Scali, Francesco Lacolla, Leonardo Novelli, Marco Galeotti, Massimo Ciaponi, Niccolò Cetti, Riccardo Cesari , Samuele Calamassi, Valentina Santecchia, Valentina Canuti, Viola Signorini.

Some photos were provided by
Sidney Sonnino Archive
Valeria Milani Comparetti
Cinelli Vintage

Others were taken from the site

Video made with the drone
Marco Galeotti

For the videos of the small villages and churches section
Alberto Viani

Virtual Tour of the Museum of Sacred Art of Montespertoli
Reiview srl – Viareggio (LU)

Illustrated maps and illustrations
Pietro Cordini

by the editorial staff

For the information regarding Montespertoli we drew on various sources, we list some of them in the awareness of not being able to be exhaustive. In any case, this material, which we will try to make partly available, offers the possibility of further studies and insights.

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