Panoramic Frames I love Montespertoli

There are 8 panoramic frames strategically placed to capture the breathtaking beauty of the Montespertoli area. “I love Montespertoli” frames offer residents and visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the natural and historical wonders that characterize the villages and the area.

The locations of the panoramic frames have been carefully selected to offer a variety of spectacular views that capture the essence of Montespertoli from different perspectives. Among the selected positions are:

1. Panoramic frame Old Town – Trieste Street (GPS coordinates 43.642803, 11.078032)

2. Panoramic frame I Lecci – “I Lecci” Wine Culture Center (GPS coordinates 43.637015, 11.090059)

3. Panoramic frame Il Monte – Lucardese Street (GPS coordinates 43.621838, 11.105172)

4. Panoramic frame Castiglioni – Castiglioni Street (GPS coordinates 43.683159, 11.081421)

5. Panoramic frame Villa Frescobaldi – Castiglioni Street (GPS coordinates 43.694871, 11.074989)

6. Panoramic frame Polvereto – Polvereto street (GPS coordinates 43.597771, 11.142893)

7. Panoramic frame San Quirico – Vittorio Formentano garden (GPS coordinates 43.651283, 11.127390)

8. Panoramic frame Chinigiano – Tresanti street (GPS coordinates 43.599273, 11.051000)

These scenic frames offer unique views of Montespertoli’s varied landscape, ranging from rolling hills to picturesque valleys, from vineyards to castles. Each setting offers a different perspective, inviting visitors to explore and discover the cultural and natural richness of our community.

Photographs taken by members of the Circolo Fotografico Fermoimmagine di Montespertoli.

Online photo contest

To “virtually” inaugurate the new frames, the tourist office is launching the “I Love Montespertoli” photo contest.

Here are instructions for participating:
    1. Take a photo with one of the frames of your choice
    2. Post by tagging the Tourist Office Facebook page (@Ufficioturistico.Montespertoli) or the new Instagram page (@visitmontespertoli) and use the hashtag #visitmontespertoli
    3. The photo with the most likes will win a box containing wine and oil offered by the City of Montespertoli
    4. The contest expires on April 25