The Chianti Exhibition of Montespertoli

The oldest wine festival in Tuscany
From 25 May to 2 June 2024
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The Chianti Exhibition: the most important event on Montespertoli wine and a tool for promoting the area.

The Chianti Exhibition has its origins in the traditional “Festa del Bestiame”, an important event that intended to promote the significant livestock production of the Montespertoli area, which took place on the third Wednesday before Easter.
In 1957 the exhibition is scheduled in Piazza del Popolo for 1 April.
During the organization the idea of associating the local zootechnics with the promotion of another important product of the territory took shape: wine. In that year some companies they also begin to present wine, finding considerable acclaim

In 1958 the 1st fair of fine wines was born. The success is immediate, thanks also to the commitment of some important farms that participate in the event with allegorical floats specially decorated with wine flasks and on the wave of enthusiasm we are already thinking about the next event, whose organization will be entrusted to the Committee of the Pro-Loco.

Since 1991 the territorial promotion of Montespertoli and its products in Italy and abroad has been strengthened, the party grows from year to year up to nine days of the event, accompanied by an increasing number of farms, collateral exhibitions, shows, concerts, conferences, tastings, funfair and many other events. Today the Mostra del Chianti is a real container of the most diverse forms of entertainment, suitable to satisfy both wine lovers from an enological point of view, and tourists with a fair full of fun in front of a good glass of Chianti wine. .

The Chianti Exhibition takes place every year between the last week of May and the first week of June in Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Machiavelli. At the exibition you can find the stands of the local farms with the possibility of tasting the wine by purchasing the glass of the “Mostra del Chianti”.
Alongside the farms, there are also local associations that make the party suitable for families and those in search of the flavors of the Tuscan culinary tradition.
In recent years, thanks to a number of young citizens, the “Tournament of the Contrade di Montespertoli” has returned to take place. The Contrada members of Cappella, Fontanelle, Fornace, Mura and Can challenge each other on sporting or agricultural tradition to then win, at the end of the exhibition, the trophy or a precious ceramic flask depicting the five districts.

On the last day of the festival it is possible to enjoy the “Gruppo Novecento” parade which, from the Castle of Sonnino to Piazza del Popolo, presents a historical re-enactment of the early 1900s, with figures, floats, animals and even vintage cars . The historical re-enactment is linked to
the history of our territory and has a strong cultural value that stimulates in citizenship the desire to participate as a “figure” and the research and reproduction of vintage clothes and accessories. All the characters of the time participate in the parade, from the “masters” to the “sharecropper”
passing through the parish priest, the doctor, the mayor and so on. In the procession the characters are interspersed with chariots pulled by magnificent Maremma and Chianine “beasts”.

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