Giotto's Followers in Valdelsa

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from the 26th of September 2021
till the 6th of January, 2022
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In the Valdelsa, its towns, villages, castles and museums, Giotto’s spirit appears to hover in the air because the area still has so many works by artists who either studied under him or emulated his style.

The Museo di Arte Sacra di Montespertoli has a small panel depicting a Madonna and Child, from the nearby church of San Lorenzo in Montegufoni, although the jury is still out as to the name of the artist who painted it. One name put forward is that of Lippo di Benivieni. We do not know a great deal about him, but he developed a unique take on Giotto’s style which has been called “illuministic”, in other words typical of manuscripts illuminators.
The Gallerie degli Uffizi has a panel, now of the same format but originally part of a larger polyptych that has since been dismantled, which is signed by Lippo di Benivieni and which was painted for the now demolished church ofSan Pier Maggiore in Florence.



Tickets can be purchased at museums and at
the Tourist Information Office of Montespertoli at a cost of 5 euro.
The ticket is free for: residents of the Municipality of Montespertoli,
children up to 6 years old, adults over 65, guides
tourist, school groups and institutional delegations guests of
Municipalities of the Empolese Valdelsa.


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