Three castles for one country

For Montespertoli a pride, a cultural heritage of inestimable value, a prestige, that of having three castles within its territory.
Ancient residences that have seen and made history, united by the same charm, wrapped in the same beauty. P. small fiefdoms, two of which, still inhabited by its owners: the De Renzis Sonnino and the Guicciardinis.
It is widely known and documented history that sees the protagonist, during the Second World War, the Montegufoni Castle , where works from the Uffizi Gallery were hidden and preserved. One of all “The Spring of Botticcelli”. It is perhaps anecdote or legend but still reported in the books, that yes needs to “To persuasive weapons” of a housekeeper if the Germans, before retreating, did not blow up the entire mined perimeter of the Poppiano Castle . And it’s still history when you remember that inside the Castle of Sonnino original documents of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles are preserved.

In modern times :