The history of our territory

A crossroads between Florence, Siena and Volterra

The history of Montespertoli can be clearly understood by means of its geographical location which, already in the 11th century, awarded the village a commercial dominance as a trading post since it made it possible for Florence to interact with Volterra and Siena through the Via Volterrana which joins the Via Francigena.

The name of the village probably dates back to the year 1000 and originates from the name of a Lombard nobleman, Sighipert, with a later addiction of the word Monte. In the following centuries the local history is outlined by the various Florentine aristocrats who took possession of the area, such as the Machiavelli, the Acciaioli, theGuicciardini and the Frescobaldi families.

A landscape outlined by characteristic villages and small hamlets.

The Medieval origin of the village is still evident nowadays because of the ruins present in the area, together with those of Roman and Etruscan settlements. Here, in fact, landscape and history have merged to render the “variety of the beautiful Tuscan landscape” where the human interference has left space not only to animals and plants, but also to many historical and archaeological finds.

The vastness and the features of Montespertoli’s area find expression in a wide range of characteristic villages and small hamlets , which make it “a Village of Villages”, each one with marked historical and traditional connotations, such as Lucardo, Poppiano, Trecento and many others.