Giotto’s Followers in Valdelsa

Giotto's Followers in Valdelsaincluded in the TERRE DEGLI UFFIZI project conceived and created by the Uffizi Galleries and the CR Firenze Foundation within the respective Uffizi Diffusi and Piccoli Grandi … Continued

Museum of Vine and Wine

The Center for the Culture of Wine I Lecci di Montespertoli in the province of Florence is much more than a museum. It is a structure immersed in the gentle reliefs of the Tuscan hills, among vineyards and olive groves, where you have the opportunity to discover up close and through the story of expert hands the entire production cycle of the vine, from the ground to the cellar.

Landscape Museum ‘Via di Castiglioni’

This is a guided itinerary in the landscape of the lower Val di Pesa, which winds for two kilometers along the ridge road between Castiglioni and Montegufoni – from the chapel of the villa to the small column that commemorates the partisan who fell during the Second World War.

Amedeo Bassi Museum

The museum dedicated to Amedeo Bassi (Montespertoli, 1872-1949) and set up in the heart of the historic center of Montespertoli, collects the tenor’s memorabilia that in recent decades have been donated to the Municipality by the heirs and the many enthusiasts.

The museums of Montespertoli

The museum system of MontespertoliArt, hills and wine in the heart of Tuscany The museum system of Montespertoli is part of the largest Countrywide Museum of the Empolese Valdelsa system., … Continued

Sacred Art Museum

Located just outside the old town of Montespertoli and housed in the rectory of the historic Pieve di San Piero in Mercato, the museum exhibits works of art, sculptures, furnishings and jewellery of various ages, coming from the local churches.