Tourist Association Pro Loco Montespertoli

The Tourist Association Pro Loco Montespertoli was founded in 1957, under the aegis of the Municipality to promote and enhance our most typical product. As part of the “Easter Fair”, a cattle fair that existed since the early 1900s, a group of citizens, traders, winemakers and artisans set up an “Exhibition of Local Wines”. The first edition, which was held only one day in two rooms in Piazza del Popolo was not a great success, but the following year, the first real “Wine Festival” began with a parade of allegorical floats, set up by artisans and associations of the Common. Since then, a 64-year-old story has begun, made of passion, respect and love for the territory. Many initiatives and projects carried out: promotion of the excellence of the territory, wine and extra virgin olive oil, ancient grains, organizing events such as “PaneOlio”, the Review of Vino Novello and VinSanto DOC, collaboration for the opening of the Museum of Sacred Art, and restoration of works of art, art exhibitions, impromptu painting, photographic competitions, walks in the green, trips and participation in fairs to make Montespertoli known outside the regional borders, the management of tourist office, publication of maps, tourist guides, postcards, diaries and gadgets.


Tourist Association Pro Loco Montespertoli

Palace of Clocks
Machiavelli Square, 10
50025 Montespertoli
+39 339 1770715

Unfortunately many of those people are no longer there, but the commitment, even of the youngest ones, continues to promote our beautiful landscape, with walks to discover our natural beauties, and the realization of events such as Olea and Calici di Stelle, renewing every year collaboration with the municipal administration. Times change, but the Pro Loco will continue its work of enhancement and protection to make our Montespertoli known to more and more people.




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