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Advisory Service practice is personalized for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 for structures intended for short-term rentals :

  • Pre-check-in protocol and Covid-19 prevention check-in
  • Covid-19 prevention check-out protocol
  • Adaptation of the accommodation facilities to preventive measures
  • Disinfection protocol (between a check-out and the next check-in) as required by current legislation

Study that is carried out, in collaboration with Dr. Isabella Maggini enrolled in the Order of Biologists, on the basis of the official documentation of the laws in force (Italian Government, Ministry of Health, Reg. Tuscany), ISS, WHO, updated scientific bibliography.


  • Autonomy
  • Facilitation and support of the owner in the management of the stay
  • The Owner is not forced to look for companies that do sanitation
  • Customized protocol based on the facility
  • Assistance on how to carry out the indicated procedures
  • Periodic verification and updating of protocols
  • Use of products and tools that are really necessary and commonly used
  • Staff training


  • Compliance with current regulations
  • Savings on disinfection products
  • Added value for the structure that will be able to exhibit the STAY SAFE brand! on site and on all online advertisements
  • Protecting the guest’s stay: health and safety
  • Ability to attract more customers with higher security standards
  • Avoid any penalties
  • Possible tax deduction of the consultancy
  • Environmentally conscious procedures


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