Eight castles cycle path - 2

This 30 km route is truly enchanting, not only because you pass many ancient castles, but you cycle on small roads in the midst of vineyards, wheat fields, old farmhouses and olive groves. Tuscany at its best, with cypresses planted in exactly the right places, often hundreds of years ago.

This route is easy and passes mostly on the ridges of the hills, after which initially you have to get to the ridge. With an e-bike this is easy. The route is beautiful, mostly on smaller roads and hardly any steep sections. In addition to the castles, you pass a very old church near Tavarnelle and you can have lunch in Tavarnelle, either in a bar or in one of the restaurants. Bananas ice cream shop has very good quality ice cream and you walk past this shop after entering town.
You can follow ours Tuscany audio guide for the first part of the route.


Download the path as a KML file to be able to follow it in the maps.me app


The length is approximately 42 km
Easy cycle
Suitable for any type of bike, even racing bikes (in Tavarnelle there is a very short unpaved stretch, but in good condition)
It is possible to stop for refreshment in San Pancrazio, in Santa Cristina or in Tavarnelle.




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